Nekad pergi Jakarta untuk beri pnghormatan trakhir untuk Ashraf. Tak sangka ini luahan Zul buat warganet sebak.

Semalam dunia hiburan tanah air dan Indonesia dikejutkan dengan berita pemergian seorang pelakon terkenal Ashraf Sinclair yang disifatkan secara tiba-tiba. Ashraf disahkan pergi menghadap illahi pada awal pagi tadi oleh keluarganya.

Ramai rakan-rakan artis turut mengucapkan takzlah buat keluarga Ashraf. Tidak ketinggalan pelakon Popular Zul Ariffin yang terus bergerak ke Jakarta bagi memberi penghormatan terakhir. Zul Ariffin mengambil kesempatan bagi memberi penghormatan terakhir buat rakan baiknya Ashraf Sinclair.

Berikut luahan hati Zull Ariffin di ruangan IG beliau

I’m here bro..came as soon as i could, i’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to solat, carry you, and kiss your forehead for the last time. Brother, it feels like only yesterday that we were sitting at the mamak in Johor, gelak sakan pasal our journey together.

You were my first real friend in the industry – from being together on modelling shoots, being rejected together, to me laughing my head off when you said you wanted to act. Laughed even harder when you said I should too, then one day we could act together.

It seemed like the idea at that time and there we were, more than a decade later, being in the same film together as lead antagonist and protagonist. No one would have guessed bro that we would have made it this far. The couldn’t have been better – playing catch with the boats rather than actually feeling like we were acting – laughing and giggling as if we were young guys again.

I have no words bro to describe how thankful I am that we got to make our dream of working together finally come true. I know we would have had a blast promoting the film and having another laugh together. That was all work bro, but nothing can compare to that night when we got to share our stories.

Your face literally lit up talking about your wife and your son – your family, you were so thrilled and excited to share your stories about them and when Bunga called halfway through, it was even worse bro, you were so gedik and ngade, rasa nak campak teh tarik kat muka.. ! Lol… but that is just testament to how good you were as a person and how much you loved your wife and family and that is something so precious all of us dream of having bro. You totally deserved it as well, being a genuinely kind and wonderful person. I miss you bro.. Al-Fatihah.

Kenal sejak umur 17 Tahun. Menurut Zul, dia mula mengenali Ashraf sejak berusia 17 tahun, malah suami kepada Bunga Cinta Lestari itu antara individu terawal yang dia kenal ketika mula berjinak dalam industri. Menerusi laman Instagram miliknya, Zul Ariffin telah memuat naik beberapa gambar dalam perjalanan ke Jakarta, Indonesia.

Setibanya di sana, Zul bergegas ke tanah persemadian San Diego Hills, Jawa Barat untuk menziarahi Ashraf Sinclair. Menerusi laporan Gempak, Zul Ariffin dan Ashraf Sinclair pernah memulakan kariernya bersama Ashraf Sinclair apabila bergandingan dalam iklan komersial sekitar tahun 2004.

Selepas 15 tahun, mereka sekali lagi telah bekerjasama di dalam sebuah filem J Retribusi yang akan ditayangkan pada tahun ini.

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