Tamat Pengajian, Ben Ali Bangga Kejayaan Isteri, Nadiyah Shahab, “I’m A Proud Husband!”

Suami kepada pelakon Nadiyah Shahab iaitu Ben Ali meluahkan rasa bangga dengan kejayaan isterinya kerana telah berjaya menamatkan pengajian dalam jurusan Undang-Undang (Second Class Honors In Law Degrees) di Universiti of London.

Perkara itu dikongsikan Ben menerusi IG Storiesnya apabila mengabadikan momen indah kejayaan isterinya dalam majlis konvokesyen ke-30 yang berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), petang semalam.

Sementara itu, Nadiyah atau nama lengkapnya Sharifah Nadiyah Syed Fuad Al Shahab turut berkongsi momen indah di IG Storiesnya.

Dalam perkembangan lain, pasangan yang telah mendirikan rumah tangga pada November 2019  itu kini sedang mengembangkan perniagaan hasil usaha sama dalam bidang pastri, kek.

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To my dearest husband, tomorrow’s the big day- @absolutfoodfest. We’ve worked so hard and you of all people have given it your everything, every ounce of sweat, blood and soul to make it the best, not only for you and our family, but the families of all the hardworking entrepreneurs who have come together to build a better life and collaborative community. I pray that it will be everything we’ve worked for and more, InshAllah 💕 I’ll be by your side through it all ❤️

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Happy 29th birthday my sweetheart. 4 years together and I still think the sun shines out of your ass 💕 It’s funny my adoration for you grows everyday when in truth I was kinda expecting to get bored after marriage HAHA! Turns out you’re ten times more fun, even sillier now, infinitely more loving and could it possibly be that you’re funnier too 😱😱? A life with you to annoy me everyday is the BEST life and isn’t it great I finally get your jokes? 😂😂 Love you so much my living walking giant teddy bear, I live for the soft marshmallow that envelops your being and may you achieve your “by-30” goals this year baby! Continue to be the inspiring spirit that you are, you’ll always be the most spectacular human being in my world ❤️❤️❤️

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